At Saucepan Chef, we design high quality, long lasting, kitchen utensils to keep your Chef Happy and Your Pots Safe

Who says you’re too old to start a kitchen utensil business? From the Saucepan Chef!

Saucepan Chef are the best kitchen utensils ever invented! Through the years I have enjoyed cooking a variety of dishes of my own making. I had years of frustration built up over the poor quality, faded and flimsy cooking utensils available in the marketplace and decided it was time for a change. At Saucepan Chef, we wanted to raise the bar on both quality and function, bringing a quality set of kitchen utensils to the market. 

There are multiple design characteristics which make Saucepan Chef a truly superior kitchen product. Each utensil is designed from a proprietary polymer with a high melting and our engineering team designed angles that make each utensil function perfectly in a saucepan, in larger cooking containers, or even on the grill!

I was born in 1946, and when you pile on all the subsequent years it would be easy to assume that I was far past the “starting a new business stage”. I already had a successful securities practice and had been recognized with multiple awards in that arena. While building my career I had longed for the opportunity to own, run, and develop my own business and so I built Saucepan Chef from the ground up. In the securities business, the predominant trait is that people can trust you and you back up your commitments with action. You will find that to be the case at Saucepan Chef!

A passion for quality kitchen utensils.

In our line of work, a quality product is defined by its functionality and longevity. At Saucepan Chef, we raised the bar on all three. There were several development stages in the engineering and design. Model prototypes were not only digitalized graphically but produced in 3-D images to ensure optimum use. It is very difficult for an entrepreneur to reject an initial production run, but that is exactly what we did as the quality did not yet meet our high standards. Over a year of testing ensured that the final product was ready to sell and had none of the negative features of conventional utensils. Our products are built to last, safe on non-stick surfaces and highly functional. How convinced are we that you will love the quality of the Saucepan Chef high quality kitchen utensils? We provide a 90 day guarantee on the entire set! If you are unsatisfied with our products, just send them back and we will replace free of charge or send your money back.