Finally! A quality made kitchen utensil!

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Saucepan Chef Kitchen Utensils

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Treat your kitchen to a quality set of kitchen utensils!

Superior Quality

Saucepan Chef Kitchen Utensils

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What people are saying:

This is one of the best purchases we have made in a long time as far as cooking utensils goes. Any time someone has a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or just because we like them and think they would enjoy this set, we send them one. It makes cooking in a saucepan a pleasure. The spoon and slotted spoon can pull out a real spoonful instead of losing half of it back into the pan on the way out. The fork is great for tearing apart chicken and roast, or even digging a fighting position. The ladle is awesome. You get a full ladle out of a small pan. —–

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A Passion for quality Kitchen Utensils

In our line of work, a quality product is defined by its functionality and longevity. At Saucepan Chef, we raised the bar on all three. There were several development stages in the engineering and design. Model prototypes were not only digitalized graphically but produced in 3-D models to ensure optimum use. It is very difficult for an entrepreneur to reject an initial production run, but that is exactly what we did as the quality did not yet meet our high standards. Over a year of testing ensured that the final product was ready to sell and had none of the negative features of conventional utensils. Our products are built to last, safe on non-stick surfaces and highly functional. How convinced are we that you will love the quality of the Saucepan Chef high quality kitchen utensils? We provide a 30 day guarantee on the entire set! If you are unsatisfied with our products, just send them back and we will replace them free of charge or refund your purchase price.

Finally! A set of kitchen utensils designed to last as long as the kitchen!

Those who grew up during the Great Depression know better than anyone the importance of quality. Paychecks only stretched so far, making purchases a serious business. There’s a reason grandma’s cast iron cookware, depression-glass and stacking mixing bowls are highly prized and still being used. They were designed for form and function, and they were designed to last a lifetime! Ellis Regini, creator of Saucepan Chef, too, remembers when products were built to last. Which is why after years of frustration at using flimsy kitchen utensils, he rolled up his sleeves and decided to create his own. He spent two years designing the “Rolls-Royce” of kitchen utensils, determined to invent a quality product that would last longer than the kitchen! He didn’t just make them strong, but he re-designed the set for the way we cook. The result is a one-of-a-kind set of kitchen utensils designed to make your chef happy and your pot safe.
Hight melt point Custom polymer Custom design scooping Blunt edge to spoon Spork and knife set cookware Corered ladel Unique spatula angle
No melting in the pot Can be used over open flames Each utensil contours perfectly with a saucepan for stirring and scooping Ability to break apart meat in the pot The only knife on the market safe for cutting inside non-stick cookware No more spilling soup as it is ladled into bowls Can flip eggs at the bottom of a Dutch oven Keeps hands free from heat Less room needed to cook