68-Year-Old Texas Baby Boomer Launches Kitchen Business

Finally! A set of kitchen utensils designed to last as long as the kitchen!

Those who grew up during the Great Depression know better than anyone the importance of quality. Paychecks only stretched so far, making purchases a serious business. There’s a reason grandma’s cast iron cookware, depression-glass and stacking mixing bowls are highly prized and still being used. They were designed for form and function, and they were designed to last a lifetime! Ellis Regini, creator of Saucepan Chef, too, remembers when products were built to last. Which is why after years of frustration at using flimsy kitchen utensils, he rolled up his sleeves and decided to create his own. He spent two years designing the “Rolls-Royce” of kitchen utensils, determined to invent a quality product that would last longer than the kitchen! He didn’t just make them strong, but he re-designed the set for the way we cook. The result is a one-of-a-kind set of kitchen utensils designed to make your chef happy and your pot safe.

High melt point
custom polymer
No melting in the pot
Can be used over open flames
Custom designEach utensil contours perfectly with a saucepan for stirring and scooping
Blunt edge to spoonAbility to break apart meat in the pot
Spork and knife setThe only knife on the market safe for cutting inside non-stick cookware
Cornered ladleNo more spilling soup as it is ladled into bowls
Unique spatula angleCan flip eggs at the bottom of a Dutch oven
Keeps hands free from heat
Less room needed to cook

Ellis Regini talks about building a business

An interview with Ellis Regini

The importance of long lasting quality products:
Long Lasting. Ellis wanted to make some cookware that lasted as long as the original stoves would. He said that the majority of things today are built with a ‘planned obsolescence’. He wanted to build something that was meant to last. When he was first married, he and his wife got a 30 year old stove from his in-laws. He and his wife used that stove for 10 years before buying another one. I’ve had a Cannon SLR Camera for YEARS. The lenses are every bit as good as their new digital counterparts. That’s a quality product. This fanny pack I am wearing, I’ve had for 25 years. I like things that last!

What has been the most fun in building your business?
Overcoming obstacles and meeting lots of wonderful people. “Nothing is more satisfying than showing those that said it couldn’t be done, that it can!”

Thoughts on building a business at this time of his life:
I’m not doing this to get wealthy. If I can help people have more fun in their kitchen and then help people with the proceeds of that process, I’ll be very happy. I would like older people to remember, they have valid dreams. I would encourage them to act on their dreams. Age means nothing… If you have desire and you can set goals, you can be successful. “If I helped someone other than myself in some small way, it was worth it.”

Thoughts for young entrepreneurs:
Be willing to chase rabbits and work hard. Nothing happens overnight, even the overnight successes don’t happen over night. “If your primary motivation is money, you can only work a job, but you cannot live a dream.”

Building a Business with Saucepan Chef Kitchen Utensils | Age Doesn't Matter

“Having a successful life is easily attainable… It starts by spending more time thinking of others.”

[I use to give this charge to new Eagle Scouts:] “Polonius – This above all: to thine own self be true, as it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” Ellis was one of the highest ranking Eagle Scouts with crossed Silver Palms – 51 Merit Badges and God and Country award.

Keys to Success:
Supportive spouse. Experienced business people to surround yourself with.

These utensils will never let you down. They won’t bend when lifting something heavy or stirring something like cookie dough.  We cook ALL THE TIME at our house and we’re still using the same set that we started out with years ago! They’ve been in the kitchen and on the grill. No issues! “I believe in combining aesthetic appeal, longevity and low maintenance on all of our products. That’s also what you’ll get if you have issues or questions. We’re here to serve others.”