Saucepan Chef launches new high quality kitchen utensil set with a bit of humor

Ellis Regini is a vibrant and energetic entrepreneur who just happens to be in his 70’s. He is extremely serious about his “superior quality kitchen utensils.” He is also pretty serious about having some fun while launching his products. Ellis’ funny kitchen videos and product descriptions will bring a smile to your day as he asks you to consider the “flimsy germ collectors” you might find haunting your kitchen.



The Spoon

Why buy the Saucepan Chef kitchen spoon?

The rear of the spoon matches the curvature of most mixing bowls. The volume it holds is enough to make one cup cake. We know of none other quite like it in the market place.

The Slotted Spoon

Why buy the Saucepan Chef Slotted Spoon?

In testing, we wanted the holes in the bottom of the spoon bowl to drain as quickly as possible but not compromise the strength and integrity of the utensil. We soon found that round holes created surface tension which retarded draining. We made the slit hole as large as possible to drain quickly.

Find your daily inspiration with a slotted spoon from Saucepan Chef!

The Spatula

Why buy a Saucepan Chef kitchen spatula?

I am not recommending that you do this, but in testing, I took our spatula in combination with our spork and lifted a 20 lb. turkey out to the roasting pan and placed it on a serving plate just to get some idea of how really strong it was. Like all of our utensils, it withstood temperatures up to 486 degrees F. without melting. In the video on this web site, I am lifting a 9 lb. ham.

Choosing the right spatula for life is incredibly important. Choose well with Saucepan Chef.

The Ladle

Why buy a Saucepan Chef kitchen ladle?

It was our intention to design a ladle that was large and strong with the right angles to go into any saucepan. If a saucepan is turned slightly on its side as its contents get low, with the ladle in held with its side in that pot, you can capture in the ladle the remaining contents of the saucepan almost to the last drop.

Hurry and buy the ladle that lifts your spirits as it lifts your soup.

The Knife and Spork

Why buy a Saucepan Chef Knife and Spork?

Through year of cooking, many of my nonstick surface pots were ruined while trying to cut up food in them with the wrong instruments. We know of no other cooking instrument like our knife on the market. The spark, like all of our Saucepan Chef offering, was designed for functionality and to not damage cooking surfaces.

Also excellent for tenderizing.