This knife is uniquely shaped to allow you to cut up food in a saucepan without damaging the cooking surfaces. Accompanied by a spork to hold the food while cutting or lift larger denser cuts of meat.



A spork holds the food while cutting or lifting larger denser cuts of meat. This is a high-quality kitchen utensil from Saucepan Chef.

Why buy a Saucepan Chef Spork?

Imagine yourself without a Spork. We can’t either! One day you might walk into your kitchen and find yourself on a surprise home-based television cooking game show. The million-dollar challenge might be to finish cutting vegetables in a pot with a knife without damaging the non-stick surface. Without the Saucepan Chef Spork, what would you do? You would be out a million bucks! Are you willing to take that risk?

Having the Saucepan Chef Spork, not only gives you a fantastic cooking experience, but it is are also an invaluable tool for whatever life might throw at you.


Best Utensils I have ever used!

James Lorence


Friends of Chuck. Check this out. They are awesome. I am trying to kill their utensils now. They are winning. Check them out, bigly.

Chuck  Smith


Cherry Red, Midnight Black


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