Saucepan Chef kitchen utensils – A local favorite! Featured in The Facts Newspaper

Saucepan Chef kitchen utensils featured in The Facts Newspaper!

Saucepan Chef Brazos Living The Facts Newspaper

We are so excited to be featured in our local paper – The Facts!  This may not be the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, but it means more to us then a national publication!! The Facts Newspaper interviewed us and really got to the heart of why we are launching a business later in life.  We love helping others and we’re accurately quoted in the paper saying we’re building this business so we can “give most of it away”.

Cooking Spaghetti with Saucepan Chef

We wanted to create something special for your kitchen with Saucepan Chef.  Saucepan Chef utensils are sturdier, won’t scratch your nice pans, won’t fade and will last forever.  Their shapes are unique as well – they fit perfectly with the exact angles for a saucepan.  Read the article at The Facts or visit our BUY NOW page to get your own set of quality kitchen utensils.

Ellis Regini