This knife is uniquely shaped to allow you to cut up food in a saucepan without damaging the cooking surfaces. Accompanied by a spork to hold the food while cutting or lift larger denser cuts of meat.



This knife is uniquely shaped to allow you to cut up food in a saucepan without damaging the cooking surfaces  This is a high-quality kitchen utensil from Saucepan Chef.

Why buy a Saucepan Chef Knife?

Imagine yourself without a knife. We can’t either! One day you might walk into your kitchen and find yourself on a surprise home-based television cooking game show. The million-dollar challenge might be to finish cutting vegetables in a pot with a knife without damaging the non-stick surface. Without the Saucepan Chef Knife, what would you do? You would be out a million bucks! Are you willing to take that risk?

Having the Saucepan Chef  Knife not only gives you a fantastic cooking experience but it is also an invaluable tool for whatever life might throw at you.

I have been using these products for the last several years. No wear and tear. I use them [spatula, fork, knife] on the grill every time I cook hamburgers. Great utensils!

Joshua MacLeod


I overheard the Saucepan Chef himself speaking about his indestructible kitchen utensils and my ears perked up. Plastic utensils and I just don’t get along. They are too weak or I am too rough. Either way, they just don’t last. That is until I ordered my first set of Saucepan Chef Kitchen Utensils, in midnight black of course. I have put them through the test [spatula, knife, spork] including the grill, smoker, frying pan, and oven. They still look brand spanking new. Now I send them as a gift to my man cave buddies challenging them to see which one of us will the first to bend, break, or melt one of our Saucepan Chef Kitchen Utensils. Even my bride loves the Saucepan Chef Utensils. She says their ergonomic design makes it easy for her to use these utensils for the more delicate kitchen duties like placing and retrieving an egg into a pot of boiling water [slotted spoon]. I am sold on them. You will be, too.

Jim Lorence


Cherry Red, Midnight Black


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